Embrace the Pain

America has a pain problem.

Physical pain, mental pain, emotional pain, spiritual pain.

We as a society think our lives should be pain free. But is that really realistic?

Nobody’s life is perfect. We all experience hardships in life - losing a job, your kid doesn’t get into college, divorce, diagnosed with an illness, a parent dies of of old age.  Life is NOT meant to be pain free.

Zero tolerance of pain shouldn't be the standard. It is unrealistic. But that is what we as Americans believe. The numbers tell it all: America makes up 4.6% of the world’s population, but yet we consume nearly 80% of all opioid pain pills. In 2015, 127,500 people died from drugs, alcohol or suicide. That’s 350 people a day, 14 people every hour, 1 person every 4 minutes dies from drugs, alcohol or suicide.

With a belief that life should be perfect and pain free, we set ourselves up for disappointment and depression.  Right now to avoid the pain we feel in our lives, we take a pill to numb the pain, we drown our pain in alcohol, or we lose all hope, and die by suicide.

Can we all agree on this: Life is painful. Embracing our pain is part of the process.  Mentally preparing for it. The sooner we understand this, the easier our life will become.

WE GROW IN OUR PAIN. I have endured my share of pain in my life. I have had to learn to deal with the pain of losing my only son to an overdose. While in the process of overdosing, the person he was with left my son in a field to die. This is a pain I will deal with every day for the rest of my life. I have learned that I can find an outlet to my pain in the gym. Working out helps me physically and mentally. Going to the gym will never heal my pain, but it can help me to deal with it.  If we constantly run from our pain, we do not grow.

I challenge you to begin to embrace the pain in your life. Acknowledge it, and find an outlet to physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually address the pain you feel.  Could you begin physical therapy, a yoga class, or even visit a massage therapist for your physical pains?  How about visiting a local counselor or support group to help with your emotional pain.  Could a self-help book or learning new coping skills help you with the mental pain you are dealing with?  And what can you do to address the spiritual pain you are feeling?  Honestly answering these questions may help. 

We designed and structured Tyler's Redemption Place, Ohio’s First Relapse Prevention Wellness Center, specifically to address our pain problem in its many forms through our wellness center, support groups, counseling services, fitness area, and worship services available to anyone that has a need. Our goal is to address the pain or trauma in our lives so individuals and families have a true chance of recovery from drugs, alcohol, and suicide.  When we begin to embrace the pain in our lives, we can separate ourselves from the pain, and begin to find some healing. 

To learn more about the future Tyler’s Redemption Place or to support this project, please visit www.hopeunited.life/recovery.

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