Our Core Values



We believe that every person that we encounter should feel loved, accepted, encouraged, and connected.  Every person seeking to find recovery deserves at least “one more chance.”

Holistic Healing

We believe in ministering to the entire person, and their families, as they recover from addiction.  We will always look to build programs that meet the spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, and relational needs of individuals. 


Leadership Development

We believe in developing leaders who understand and embrace our vision.  We view every person in recovery as a potential, future leader who will be empowered through a process of “restoring relationships, gaining control of their lives, and coaching others in recovery.”

Environment of Excellence

We believe in offering our very best to those in recovery.  We will always commit to offering a professional, clean, well-done, comfortable, user-friendly environment to every person that we encounter.


Strategic Partnerships

We believe in developing relationships with other organizations that have a similar vision in order to be the best asset to the community we can, and to replicate our model in other locations.