Bringing Hope to the Epidemic of Our Time

Last year on September 28th, we announced our intentions to build Tyler's Redemption Place – Ohio’s first relapse prevention wellness center on the land of the former Edwin Shaw property in Lakemore, Ohio.  

It was the 4-year anniversary of the passing of Tyler Bornstein to an overdose, the son of Hope United’s founders, Travis and Shelly Bornstein.  It was a day to not only remember Tyler, but to offer hope to the Tri-County area during what has seemed like a hopeless addiction epidemic for many years. And this year, we are excited to announced that construction will begin on Phase I of Tyler’s Redemption Place in the Spring of 2020.

This former Edwin Shaw land has so much meaning, not only to our family who grew up close to the property, but to the Tri-county area.  The property was originally developed as a facility to treat tuberculosis patients back in 1910 - to treat the epidemic of their day. Back then Edwin Shaw Hospital (originally known as Springfield Lake Sanatorium) offered hope to individuals and families suffering a deadly disease and thanks to the generosity of the Summit County Council, at the direction of County Executive Ilene Shapiro, Hope United will be able to rebuild a portion of this beautiful land into a recovery campus to offer hope to individuals and families deeply hurting from the grips of addiction - the epidemic of our day. A place to offer a much-needed community connection, long-term recovery support and resources - a place to focus on the whole person: mind, body and spirit.

Phase I of Tyler’s Redemption Place will offer: 

  • certified counselors to evaluate and treat the root cause of addiction

  • group meetings for both individuals and families

  • peer recovery coaches, life skills classes and recovery resources

  • fitness and wellness programs such as yoga, massage, boot camps, and meditation

  • a place for people to make meaningful social connections, enjoy sober activities and a location where the community can come together to help each other heal

Tyler’s Redemption Place will essentially be a Recovery Community Organization (also known as an RCO) combined with clinical counseling, thus creating a self-sustaining program that will help hundreds of people take the next step toward long-term recovery after traditional residential or outpatient treatment. In addition to Hope United building a recovery center for all, Restore Addiction Recovery will join us on this property where they are in the process of building a year-long residential treatment facility for men. 

The completion of Phase I of Tyler’s Redemption Place is scheduled for the fall of 2020.  However, we know the needs continue to be great RIGHT NOW and the people that need our help can’t wait.

For this reason, we have set up temporary space at High Mill Church in Stark County to begin our relapse prevention programming with plans to begin services in November of this year. More details will be coming soon as we finalize our pre-certification process. 

The entire Hope United Team is excited about what the future holds and we appreciate all who have walked along this journey with us.  We will be continuing to raise funds throughout the building process to bridge the financial gap to enable us to build Phase I of Tyler’s Redemption Place free of debt. We would be extremely grateful to anyone who would like to assist our project with a monetary donation, resources for the project or a donation of your time and expertise. With your help, those who want to stay sober will have more of a fighting chance once we bring long-term recovery support to the Tri-County area.