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[Part I in a 3-Part Series] The Hero in You: A Story of Recovery, Overcoming Adversity and Hope

Today I begin Part I in a Three-Part Series on the journey of recovery of one man. I have found this upcoming story nothing short of amazing. I hope it inspires you. I hope it gives you hope in what can sometimes be a dark world. I hope it helps you find your inner hero.

Meet Todd Rossiter. 

Todd battled his addiction to drugs and alcohol for most of his life.  He has an incredible story of recovery that I will share over the course of these next 3 blogs…. 

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Purpose Through Our Pain

Last week we had the pleasure of speaking to union members in Los Angeles to share our family’s story and how the opioid crisis is impacting families, businesses and communities.

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Moving in Faith with Hope United's Groundbreaking Ceremony

September 28, 2014…our family received the worst news we could possibly imagine.  Our son, Tyler Bornstein, was found dead and alone in an empty field….left there to die of an overdose.  A couple weeks prior to this, Tyler relapsed after several months in recovery.  With no insurance left, no money left for treatment, and no detox beds in Summit County, Tyler was put on a 3-week waiting list for help.  Sadly, those 3 weeks never came for him.


Fast forward to September 28, 2018….

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