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[Part III in a 3-Part Series] The Hero In You: A Story of Recovery, Overcoming Adversity and Hope

Today I share Part III in a Three-Part Series on the recovery journey of one man that has included an eye-opening experience that changed the way he looked at addiction, a near-fatal accident that threatened to ruin his success at recovery, and a very long battle to physically recover from his injuries.  In this final blog, Todd shares what has worked for him in his own recovery, the most important things he has learned along the way, and what keeps him focused.

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Better Than Most - A Personal Mantra For Life

What is your personal mantra for your life?….

Anyone, whether in recovery or not, should strive to have a personal mantra to help guide your everyday life.  Something to keep you moving forward, working harder, and striving to be your best self.

This idea brings me to look at a unique personal mantra that Hope United’s founder, Travis Bornstein, lives by:  “Better Than Most”. 

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